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6 Tips for Finding a Reliable Builder for Your Home

Having your own house is the ultimate dream of a person. When this dream is about to materialize, it’s very essential to find a builder that can fulfill your dream just the way you want it and that too in a reliable manner. Follow these tips to make sure you find one of the most reliable builders in town to give shape to your dream house:

1. State your Needs

It’s very important to be clear on your needs and desires regarding the construction of the house before you start searching for a builder. Since many builders have a knack at building a specific type or style of houses, within a certain price range, settle for the one that meets and understands your needs the best when it comes to design, style and architecture of the house.

2. Experience Matters

ExperienceAlthough considerably new building firms also have reliable professionals and might prove to be a good option, always give more weight to experience as it ensures reliability. Different building firms have varying degrees of experience in building different types of houses; choose the one having more expertise in your preferred type.

3. Survey Previous Customers

Always ask the builder to provide previous customer references and prefer builders that have been recommended by people in your circle of trust. Ask the previous customers about their overall experience with the builder in question and if possible, request them to allow you to survey their house so as to know if the builder would really be able to satisfy your requirements regarding design and architecture.

4. Ask for the Builder’s License and Insurance

Make sure that your hired builder has a valid license especially in the areas where it is required for builders to carry one. Also make sure that the builder has subscribed to an insurance plan and they and you will be insured during the building procedure.

5. Check for Warranty

Ensure that the building components and systems installed in your house are new and come with a warranty to give you peace of mind and safety from emergency expenses. It is preferable to have a structural warranty for the house itself, and thus advisable to choose a builder that offers one. It is strongly ideal that you have a house warranty that is transferable in case you sell it to a new owner.  Also ask the builder for suggestions and advice on the proper maintenance of the house to increase its life time.

6. Consider Resale Value

Go for builders whose previously built homes have retained in value. Browse real estate ads advertising houses built a couple of years ago and are resold at a good price, to gather the name of the builder.

Follow these tips and happy start building your new home!